Talash is engaged in developing educative tools for children and adults on violence prevention & wellbeing education.

We believe that as adults, our responsibility is to protect children while helping them to learn to protect themselves and working towards creating safer eco-system. Talash’s publications thus, focus on these three aspects.

We would like to see children moving around fearlessly, with ease and confidence; equipped with knowledge and skills to combat situations and seek support, when needed. We would like them to view life as an unfolding adventure, not as a calamity that can hurl up any moment; and to see themselves as adventurers, not as possible victims of the unexpected.

Here are some of the reading materials that Talash has developed:


Statistics indicates that sexual abuse of children is emerging as an increasing challenge of our time. Incidents are reported regularly in the media. As adults, many of us feel anxious and worried about the safety of children in our lives. Our fears do not help children to stay safe, but, appropriate knowledge, practices and skills can certainly ensure their safety most of the time.  Talash is involved in the process of developing range of education tools for children, as well as for adults to promote violence prevention & wellbeing education.

This brochure, designed for children, offers basic guiding rules on Personal Safety that can keep them safe from everyday situations of abuse and sexual violence. Appropriate for children of 7 – 12 years. Available in English & Bengali

Designed for adults, this brochure statistically presents an overview about nature and forms of violence that young people come across and recommends strategies that adults could adopt to keep children emotionally & physically safe most of the time. Available in English

This brochure for adults offers Safety Tips to parents and educators – simple skills and practices that can keep our children safe most of the time. We can teach & practice these skills with the children playfully. Thus helping them to get clarity about how challenges can be dealt with, along with equipping children with required skills and enhancing their confidence. Available in English

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse 

Designed for adults, this booklet provides an overview about the issue. Presents facts & information about child sexual abuse, demystifies the predators, discusses about the grooming process and how predators usually tricks the child. Available in English and Bengali

Posters on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – Available in Bengali
Booklet on Preventive Education on Child Sexual Abuse – Available in Bengali


In the internet-centric world today, children are exposed to computers, smart phone, iPads and in many cases they access internet regularly. Many adults feel anxious and concerned about the safety of kids. Yet, “control” or restrictions in most cases are not effective, as children may find out other ways to access net or video games. These brochures provide strategies to keep children safe in the cyber world.

This brochure offers Safety Tips for safe, constructive in-world experiences. Children can practice these simple skills to stay safe, while exercising freedom of choice and expression. Following simple steps can make internet and other gadgets handling easier and create an enjoyable and empowering learning experience. Appropriate for children of 10 – 16 years. Available in English

Designed for adults, this brochure offers guidelines for creating an environment, mechanism and safety rules that can keep children safe, while offering them freedom, choice and an open learning environment.

Poster on Cyber Safety for Children – Available in English


Written in a simple language, this brochure offers an overview about the issue and how this impacts lives of young girls all over the planet. Appropriate for 12 years to adults. Available in Bengali

Set of 5 Posters on Early Marriage – Available in Bengali

Salient features of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 presented in a simple language. Appropriate for 12 years to adults. Available in Bengali

Key features of Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 is presented in a simple language. Appropriate for 12 years to adults. Available in Bengali

Gollachut: Games for Change

Talash has designed Games for Change, series of games for exploring and bringing into surface one’s perceptions, beliefs and understanding. Through the process, facilitating shifts in mindset. The series includes games on gender, masculinities as well as on child protection related laws



Game on Prevention of Child Marriage Act 2006

Moshgul Newsletter


Set of Posters and Booklet on Gender