A few minutes or a few hours of effort on your own schedule, no matter where you live, can make a world of difference. Volunteers can play a crucial role in building bridges between Talash and the communities. You can:

  • TALK ABOUT TALASH. Tell your friends, co-workers and neighbours about our Personal Safety Trainings
  • SET UP TRAINING. Your effort will give lifelong skills to girls/women and boys/men in your communities. Contact us to learn how to arrange a training
  • LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO SHARE OUR PUBLIC TRAINING SCHEDULE. If you live in and around Kolkata and would be happy to receive a short email about our forthcoming trainings, please let us know. This helps more families to get access to Personal Safety Trainings
  • INTRODUCE TALASH TO YOUR ORGANISATION. Many companies and corporations have Corporate Social Responsibility funds/charitable donation programs, and they like knowing which groups matter to their employees. Your recommendation could open funding doors to help us help others stay safe
  • SHARE YOUR SKILLS WITH US. You may share your writing, editing, designing or any other expertise with us. Contact us to discuss the possibilities
  • CONNECT US WITH INDIVIDUALS INTERESTED IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE. The circle of volunteers can grow with your effort and active support
  • CONNECT WITH US. Every Talash session is tailored to maximize the participants’ strengths while creating a positive, fun learning experience; we want every volunteer relationship to maximize a volunteer’s strength in a way that feels fun and positive. We would love to learn about you and your own unique skills!