Who We Are

Talash is a not-for-profit organization working on issues of child rights, child protection and adolescent empowerment. Talash aims to work towards creating a culture of safety, respect and caring for everyone, everywhere. Through our unique module on personal safety & wellbeing education, TALEEM and GOLLACHUT, Talash enables individuals to discover inner power and enhance abilities for negotiating gender based violence, threats of violence and deal life challenges with ease and confidence.   Talash’s model-of-change focuses on transformation of individuals, to collectivsation, leading to united social actions.

Talash is engaged in designing, developing and deepening the understanding and practices of Personal Safety & Wellbeing Education for adolescent girls and youth who have experienced violence or are at the risk of experiencing the same. Through this unique pedagogy, Talash is working  towards building the next generation of change-makers who are responding to incidents and engaged  in preventing violence in the society. 

By shaping and strengthening the field and practices of Personal Safety we intend to: 

  • Prevent violence against adolescents and youth, particularly, girls/women
  • Provide healing & redressal to survivors of violence, especially child victims
  • Raise gender equitable boys
  • Create eco-system where individuals can actualize their potentials

Talash started its journey in 2008 with five young girls from challenging backgrounds and difficult childhood, interested in exploring, learning and spreading the notion of personal safety in society. In the year 2012, Talash was formalized and stepped into undertaking projects in various geographical locations. Today 865 youth leaders are actively involved in responding and preventing gender based violence in society across the state.