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Talash is a not-for-profit organization working on issues of child rights, child protection and adolescent empowerment. Talash aims to work towards creating a culture of safety, respect and caring for everyone, everywhere. Through unique module on personal safety & wellbeing education, TALEEM and GOLLACHUT, Talash enables individuals to discover inner power and enhance abilities for negotiating gender based violence, threats of violence and deal life challenges with ease and confidence.   Talash’s model-of-change focuses on transformation of individuals, to collectivsation, leading to united social actions.

Our Roots

Our roots lies in Personal Safety & Wellbeing Education to transform socially constructed powerlessness of individuals to empowerment by supporting them to connect with their own inner and physical power.

Talash imparts Personal Safety & Wellbeing Education through trainings and games. TALEEM is the training curriculum, while GOLLACHUT is the set of games.


Our Initiatives

Talash has undertaken a series of programme for realizing gender-violence-free society. The model-of-change focusing on individual transformation to collectivization, leading to actions for social change by Young Leaders remain at the core of each programme. Personal Safety and Wellbeing Education is the key tool engaged for personal transformation from powerlessness to choice and empowerment.

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Talash engages with national and global day observance/campaigns to raise awareness against bias, take collective action and shared ownership for driving gender parity at the grassroots level. This is to build a bridge between local activism and worldwide actions.


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